Tuesday, August 28, 2007

今天下大雨。。。七月 台湾之旅 II


最近的天气真的阴晴不定,让我们很难把排期的外景拍完。。。 =|

今天拍的是玉生和英俊结婚的戏, 哈哈, 可惜我那场戏删掉了,不然会拍下他们穿这礼服与婚纱的照片和你们分享!!



可爱的沙皮狗, 是士林一间店铺的镇店之宝哦!你看它,睡的多爽,怎么叫也叫不起来!


jestellynn-4evah.dedicated.2.eelyn said...

haha..nice shoes!! sis and i did that too when we got new shoes...i guess its sorta lyk a "trend" for photos now...:))these pics ur took rite, izzit still abt u and ur gals in taiwan?:)cool...btw...can u answer ur flickr mail? pretty please?thx! love ya!

jestellynn-4evah.dedicated.2.eelyn said... this webby shows Jesseca together with elvin in their wedding clothes!:D

AdE|inE said...

wah.. taiwan seems to be a nice place to spend your holls in! hope to go there soon too!

thanks for sharing yr photos with us! =)

jestellynn-4evah.dedicated.2.eelyn said...

Hey Eelyn...u wrote on ur profile that u lyk 孙燕姿 - 逆光rite? here's a addie to go and listen:)!!!:)

Sean blog said...

Nice pictures wors!!!!!! =)

Hui wen next time must upload more pictures wors!!! =)