Thursday, August 23, 2007


七月: 经过四个月,为《手足》紧锣密鼓的拍摄后,终于有一个月的大假了!嘿嘿, 还不趁这时候到国外旅游,好吃好住的宠一宠自己?!

哼~ 要去哪儿好呢?
澳洲 墨尔本? 堂姐说那里现在冬季,下雪呢!我最怕冷了!!No, no, no~ Thank yew!!

Ah.. I wanna go some place new, that I've never been to before and where I can shop till I drop and YET, still not be too bothered by the weather... Like that how? Where can I go?

Hehe, 其实早在三月、四月还没收工时,我和Jesseca 便聊到彼此很想去,但至今还没有机会去的国家。I mentioned Taiwan, because all along I've been curious about how it looks like, whether the girls are as 'deh' as ppl say they are, etc etc... Then she said she's been there before and suggested going there together in June. So we agreed upon it and I left the arrangements to her...

When I set foot in Taiwan, tears filled the brim of my eyes...

I recalled that I had made a promise when she was severely ill many years ago, to bring her to Taiwan. But she passed away before I could fulfil my promise and this gesture of filial piety... 没想到我这次来台湾,竟然无法完成我对她的诺言。 这是我人生一大遗憾。。。

But I told myself that I would 尽情地玩、玩到疯 on her behalf, and I prayed to God to let my mum in Heaven with Him know that I miss her even when playing hard during this trip...

I know she knows :)

But anyway! Here's some pics from the trip!! :D

蓝蓝的天空,还有一小团、一小团的白云, 好美丽喔!



我最爱吃的, 臭豆腐~~~!!!连续三晚都吃呢! =D~~~

台湾的蚝煎, 也是好吃到~~~!!

Okay, me very suaku lah... never see this before, in this color... Can you guess what this is?

士林夜市是非常有名的旅游地点,很多外地、本地人都会来这里大扫货!也难怪,因为这里卖的东西都是蛮特别、价格又是蛮公道的时尚服饰。。。 有得吃,有得看,有的买,赞!!



AdE|inE said...

Hi Eeyln!

Do post more pics of your trip in taiwan! It's been great seeing updates on your blog!

Jiayou! =)

jestellynn-4evah.dedicated.2.eelyn said...

Sry abt ur mom ah...but dont be sad...ur mom is in Heaven watching you...she's definately having the best holiday trip dere!:) anywayz, din noe that actors and actresses got time to go other countries leh:Dhehe..btw, do u have Jesseca's blog addy?she rawks!!!u rawk too!haha...=)
btw, hope u have a Great trip there!

anti-wantiandebitch said...

Hey yoz. I m de ur fen si. change mi nic cos i was commenting on wan tian aka tian tian. So... ok. nvm. ur mum WL watch over u. dun worried lah. btw, u got Jesseca blog? pls link ty.

jestellynn-4evah.dedicated.2.eelyn said...

Hey Eelyn, btw, the object u holding was nittergourd rite?but in diff colour oni:D i tink they don sell in S'pore...enjoy ur trip!:)

Eileen. 静 said...

i suppose thats an albino bittergourd! hahahha.

saw your blog by chance...


Marcus XA said...

Hihi Huiwen, thanks for replying in the previous entry! I guess as much the same as eileen, white bittergourd! I also went to this drink stall while I was there last yr but didn't see this! looking at your foodies pics really make me want to fly there at once!

Anonymous said...

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Maggie said...

Hi Eeyln,

It's balsam pear (ku gua)!
just ate it tonight!
who said the white one is not bitter at all?: (
haha..anyway, hope you did have fun during the time visiting in Taiwan!~