Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cupcakes and Brownies!!

Had loads of fun Y a friend's making cupcakes and brownies!

Although the end result looks great, but the process of making it was so tedious! Thank God we had 2 muscle men to help us out! hehe...

Post the pics up laterz! (& make u all salivate!! =P~~~ hahaha!!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Mid-Autumn's Fest!!

祝大家月圆人团圆、中秋快乐!! =D

Monday, September 17, 2007

Farewell to 'Anxin's House'

If you watched Kinship, you'd have observed that the house we used as Anxin's house is a huge bungalow... It's actually somewhere along Holland Road and the owners had kindly lent it to us for filming...

The owners are Mr n Mrs Ong who are unbelieveably down-to-earth, gentle, generous and friendly parents of 2 sons and a daughter-- all grownups (and, sorry, taken!! Haha...). Whenver we filmed in their house, as long as they could, Mrs Ong and the elder Mrs Ong who lived with them, would cook up a feast to feed the 10+ strong crew and artistes.

The food they cook is, WAH!! YUMMY LOR!

But the one and only time I was present when they prepared the feast, I was on a diet, and so had to miss out on it, regretfully! 害我在一旁流口水! =( however the glutton in me thought, if I can't eat all of it, I shd scoop a minute serving of all of the dishes so I can AT LEAST taste them! & I DID! =P Didn't regret at all! Haha...

Anyway, this time the crew and cast were invited to their farewell party, held in their abode, for they have sold the bungalow and are moving out next mth!

The party was very happening... Had stalls set up serving different cuisines, kong ba bao, slow-roasted spiced lamb, sushi and salmon sashimi, ice kachang, fruits, etc over red carpet rolled out on the lawn. There was free flow of wine and beer too, to the glee of some of us who appreciate a drink or 2 =p

For entertainment, the young 'uns of the family prepared a fashion show of gowns designed and made by a designer friend of the family. The models were really pretty! Everyone stopped eating and talking as soon as they strutted down the red carpet...

Me and Jesseca started talking about which pieces we like... She had her eye on this pink one with swarovski crystals for straps and long chiffon ribbon behind at the back whereas I liked the 2-toned green chiffon piece with a wide V-neckline and lovely flowing frills over the hips that spreads open down to show the legs... Very feminine dresses I must say...

I think I'll miss the swimming pool most; that's where I had a few swim scenes alone and one with Elvin Ng. And also, it was for the swim scenes in it that I had to go on a torturing diet for MONTHS last season!!!! =P But then that is also the pool where I 1st found out that I could tread water n swim (in deep end pool)!!!

MMmm most of all, I'll miss the warmness of the hosts and the food! hehe...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good news! =)

My best friend who got married jus a month ago is pregnant!! Hurray! Congrats gal!

I was so happy to hear the good news...

There are many ppl who try to have kids but are unable to but God has blessed you with one this soon!

Wah, in 8 mths time I'll be the godma of this kid!!

Mmm, wonder if it'll be a boy or girl??? =D