Thursday, August 16, 2007

好料!好料!女友杂志 Photoshoot!=)

Had a photoshoot this morning under David Gan's invitation for his monthly 'column' in the NuYou Mag!

David: "Eh this one not bad hor...?"

The photographer Veronica, David and Agnes looking through the pictures taken and choosing which 2 to use for the spread...

David: "mmm, this one also not bad lah..."

Agnes the makeup artist, Me the artiste, and David the hair guru and stylist! Clothes are from DKNY, very girly yet feminine with an edge!

I'm really pleased with this image and the photoshoot this time round, maybe cos the overall look is in sync with how I see myself! ;)

女友杂志 will be out for sale mid-late Sept!
Get your copy!


Sagiloss said...


recently you ve appeared in quite a few dramas one after another. maybe is due to this rite timing that make me notice you.
I really find your acting is getting better n better. I find you 2b our nxt upcoming star.
But you must not neglect your outlook oso cos it plays a big part 2. Like I notice you having the same hairstyle for 2 dramas (手足 & tt show with"冰人"christopher lee) cos' it looks like 2 same character ur playing mah.

Anyway, JiaYou!!


Marcus XA said...

Hi Huiwen, i think u will really look great in the mag! Haha... you don't need David to make u look prettier, you are already very pretty! kekekeke....

Keeping my fingers crossed for mid-sep!