Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!!

TO everyone,
May your NIU Year be properous,
your love life be sweet,
your career be scaling the heights
& your health be robust!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

HUAT ah!!!!!!!!!!!


Eelyn... =)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nonya has ended...

do you have Little Nonya Withdrawal Syndrome? Hehe...
some frens tell me they do miss rushing home after work and turning couch potato for at least 1 hr every weekday night jus to catch this drama... !!!

well i personally was attached to my TV set too for those 30 days

Not because I wanna watch my own performance lah, but to see the whole complete production. I know roughly how my scenes were gonna be like but have no idea how the other scenes would be like, and when I started watching I became totally hooked!

I love the lighting which totally puts the tv viewers into that 50s era in a flash and the many eye catching details of the set, costumes and background.

I suppose many of u have your own fave Little Nonya characters in your hearts right?

I do too!!

My Fave is Uncle ChengSheng (played by Piere Png.

TOtally think his acting rocks, hehe and could see the improvement in his Mandarin (compared to those days when we acted in Shining Stars)!! And I love it when he goes 'tri la li lala baba, tri la li lala nonya...'

This is truly a good drama whom many people have put their efforts into, kudos to the ppl behind the scenes especially!! This project took months n months to prepare!! :D Cheers, to the entire crew!