Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nose mask.

Jus did a nose mask that works superbly pulling out the blackheads and whiteheads on the nose.

Bought it in Taiwan last yr & am running out on it! Urgh! I need to get more!

Anyway, jus wanna record that there is this sweet sensation of victory while enduring the slight pain tearing the dry mask off your skin, that guarantees the removal of irritating blackheads & minimizing the pores ^^ !! Yeah! 胜利!! Woohoo!

hehe, a bit masochistic but SaTiSYing!!!!! Muhahahah... *bleah* V^-^V

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fiesta @ Sentosa!

夏日炎炎,sentosa island 就在那个时候掀起了一波又一波的热浪!

Ben trying to act cool! But I must say, he looks damn good in this new hairstyle, and in this pair of 'kids'' shades lor!

Taking pic with my new coming drama's sister and father... Why did I have this funni look? Cos Geping da-ge threw a ball over while we were taking a pic & I didnt see! So the volleyball *boink*, kenna my head lor! =p Then we all got into a laughing fit, as if someone had touched our laughing 穴道。。。

Okay~ then we retake the pic. See, see!! Look at Darren stifling his laughter till he's all tomato red in the face!! =D and see my sheepish look. My sis is pretty professional though, in the pic, still maintaining a wonderful smile whilst me and Dareen cld hardly keep our composure! :p

The usual bad women in the drama serials-- Ng Hui, May Phua and Moi. Honestly, tell me, do we really look like bad ppl, 坏女人?! To let me know your views, please leave a comment~! Thx!

the 3 stereotyped actresses + the newly minted bad gal in 球爱大战 (Beach。Balls。Babes。)

Aniwaes we were all told to be in beachwear for this event, so we all thot damn long and hard about what beachwear really is. hmmm, wait a min! if i remember correctly, most beachgoers i saw wereeither topless or in bikinis! so, does it mean we had to be the same?

Ah, but dear readers, artistes are artists with an 'e' behind, meaning 'e'xtraordinarily artistic! So we turned up in our individual ideas of what beachwear means to us!

tell me leh, what would your beachwear be like? =)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Melbourne Trip Pics!

Melbourne's a very VERY cold place in May till end of July. I had to get used to the cold, cos the temperature could dip suddenly from 12* to 4*C in broad daylight! That's when I truly appreciate the sun; when it comes out, I feel warm and nice all over, able to move about again!

See the thick clothing I wore? Not enuff to keep me warm I tell u...

Lived at my cousin's place in Clayton, in the suburbs of Melbourne during my visit... My 1st day there, i was awed by the vast blue sky u can see because there aren't much high rise buildings blocking it. Everyone can have a piece of land to build their own house and have a lil garden AND garage and etc... That is a dream not many Singaporeans can afford to have cos of the lack of land here...

The Flinders Train Staion, a very prominent landmark in Melb City. From there, u can walk to the many shopping blocks stretched out over the long Swanston Street, where there are also many small streetlets to wander into for more eating and shopping!

St Paul's Cathedral jus opp. Flinders Train Station. An old building with a lot of character. See the finer architecture?

Visited the Art Museum, where aborigines' art pieces from olden days of coloured sap and dyes put on tree barks, depicting ancient rites & rituals & telling stories of birth and death, to modern day abstract canvas pieces using acrylic as medium... Quite an insight into the aborigines' way of life...

Singapore Chomp Chomp in Melbourne?!!! Wahhhhh~~~~~ Nice or not?? I dunno, hehehe, cos I ate somewhere else, a HK style eatery recommended by a friend.

My 1st meal on Melbourne street! Siew Mai & Brinjal Pork Gravy Rice & a nice _warm_ Chinese tea... not too bad!

A shopping mall in Lonsdale street... really pretty... got some sweets there...

Random shots taken on the travel bus on the way to The Great Ocean Road!

Outback Dunny... it RELIEVES you... Enter at your own risk! Hahahaha... =p

Enjoying a traditional Lamington with tea and Marmite on crackers! Great accompaniment to the breezy awesome view of the Great Ocean..

To prove I was there. Heh =P

A tah pau-ed lunch at the stopover en route to the 12 Apostles.

Self taken..

..and taken by someone else. It's best to have another fren along during a vacation and not go alone like me, for the menial chores of taking fantastic pics of oneself! =D hahah...


12 Apostles! Of which, the bus driver told us only 6 and a half are left! I'm glad I caught the majestic sight of it before it all comes down! :)

I love this particular pic...

to be continued, watch THIS space!!! =)