Monday, August 20, 2007

Kinship II Filming

It was a rainy day while filming for SHOUZU today, I was filming a scene where I meet Martin in a park (not for casual chit-chat nor pak-toh-ing okie) to talk about who this new guy helping Yingjun with lots of funds to revive 大迎家 is.

But then rain droplets came and seeing the sky's overcast with dark clouds, the director decided to halt shooting. Besides the camera equipment are the 宝贝s that cannot be drenched! Expensive machines u know! SO we ran to seek shelter in this porch which was big enough [thank God] for all 12 of us plus the loads of equipment!

The crew, 炯耀 and 汶祥 chatting while waiting for the rain to stop... The one in white T-shirt with a red rectangle print is Lau, our camera head for the day. See the magazine at the corner? The one with least lines for this scene was so relaxed so she jus passed time flipping magazine lor! You wanna know who that is? Jesseca lor!

I was still reading my script in case the rain stops and we have to quickly standby for shoot given that some time has been wasted waiting for the rain to stop. The highlighted ones are my lines and the circles and lines are my homework hehe... =p btw, this is considered the least of my lines in all of my 手足 scripts! Show u guys the scenes where there's chunks of lines next time!

Curious how our makeup pouches look like and what it contains? Here's all the stuff (okay maybe not ALL) needed for my filming and touchups... There's blotter, eyedrops for when my eyes are too dry to emote, blusher, loose powder, brown eye shadow and brown blusher which I use for shading, concealer, eyelash curler [extremely important to have eyes that can 电人!!哈哈。。], lipgloss, tissue etc...


jestellynn-4evah.dedicated.2.eelyn said...

Yo Eelyn!!! U rawk!!! im ur no.1 fan!=) hehe...i din noe u still used ur flickr accnt...:D cuz the last time u posted the last pic was in 2005! i nvr knew i cud actually receive the reply fm you!!!yay! haha...btw, did u go compass point on 19th of august? i saw it fm somewhere on the net...but wasnt able to go cuz had tuition...wah...=)i think i saw u the other dae too!:):)pls reply!thx...!! email
my bdae 2moro...hehe...10 daex after urs...:D
p.s:Ur acting's really good! dun give up in anything ya trying,cuz ur fans will be supporting you all the way through, so nothing shall crush u!May God bless you and be with u forever!

Marcus XA said...

May God bless you and the rest of the Shou Zu crew with good weather and smooth filming for the 2nd part! Peace be with you!

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

Thanks Marcus :)

Happie Birthday Jestellynn
Here's blessing you with wisdom, fulfilledness and divine love!!

AdE|inE said...

Hi Eelyn,

Just wan to say i love your acting! Dun be disappointed if other ppl puts u and 'ShuiLing' as one. We saw the hard work u've put in! God Bless and looking forward to your acting in shouzu part2!

jestellynn-4evah.dedicated.2.eelyn said...

Thx Eelyn!!! U rawk!!!hehe..say dat alota times le...:D thx for ur blessings too, lol, i wld need them especially the wisdom one...cuz PSLE coming up...ah!!! rmb to keep on rawkin'!and dont stress urself out okay?must learn to relieve stress...hehe...i sound lyk a doctor:)anywayz...u r a great gal, so dont let critics bring ya down!!!God bless and may He be with u 4evah!
peace out,