Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cafe 817

I've a friend who's flown to San Franscisco for 2 weeks for work. And my friend said that there's this quaint little cafe there that serves nice breakfast, and they even have this function on the web where you can look in on the crowd at the cafe to decide whether you wanna go there during the heavy lunch hour crowd.

I surfed their website and was really fascinated by the choices of food they serve, quite simple fare but sounds so yummy; and less fattening. Hahahah... Their lunch menu sounds really yummy--> cafe817

Then again, I suppose I can whip up something similar myself using stuffs from the supermarket~!

MMmmmmn, the WONDERS of GLOBALIZATION and World Trade!!! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My New Role :)

for more info, please see the above article at :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

French Beans and Snow Peas Salad

Had a gathering at a friend's place last night and I made a nice green salad for the girls.

I love the sweetness of the snow peas and the crunchiness of the french beans...

Ta-dah! Nice?? hehe...

Blur me forgot to bring the bottle of perfect sauce to compliment the salad, so bought a can of Tuna instead. Tastes jus as good!

Quite easy to make actually...

Jus boil the beans and peas in a pot of water for 5 mins, drain the water, cool in cold water for a min, drain water again and pour whatever yummy sauce you like over... The veg is just scrumptious!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Buddy Market Tour!

Little Sister, Yahui and me..

Doing a greeting trailer for "My Buddy", coincidentally we both donned hats that day! Which one do you like better?

1st time using a loudspeaker to talk to the audience, felt a big weird; like we were rallying for votes from the public sans the jeep, banners and flags!!

Hmm I seriously dunno why we were giving each other 'the eye', haha but seems like we have a lot of 默气, cos at the 2nd location , another pic was taken of us glancing at each other! Haha...

Casual wear for the bright morning's walk around the markets!