Friday, February 5, 2010


read the papers just now.

my attention immediately focused on this particular one where a tutor harassed a family who for firing him/her...

hmm this brings to mind a similar incident yrs ago when I was still studying in NUS.

many undergrads take up tutoring to earn a lil money and I was one of them since I had a lot of free time for the course I took up.

there was this family I remembered very well, for reasons u shall see as u read on...

this mother of 3 whose older son and daughter were in Pri 4 and Pri 1 respectively. Her son was weak in all his subjects and back then there was streaming so it was a very important year for the kid. He was rather quiet and mumbled when he talked, so I had to ask him several times before I can get what he was saying.

The younger gal was alright but jus needed improvement in scores. She was really naughty and always took the lead to distract her brother during the tuition, or be the smart alec and try to talk back.

Now the mother wanted me to tutor both of them at the same time for 2 hrs twice a week and so I did. Payment was in the form of cash

it wasn't that bearable really because they were so easily distracted, I had to repeat myself many times and on top of that they'd start playing with toys!

anyways after tutoring them for 3 mths, suddenly when I arrived as usual on time in front of their apt, try as I might but no one answered the door. It was futile waiting around as I waited like 2 hrs like a fool, when I could hv headed home to study.

u know wat? that day was supposed to be payment time. And of cos by nightfall I knew what this meant.

The next night I came by again but again no one answered the door.

I called her on the mobile but no one picked up, either that or it was directed to voice mail.

I was really upset and angry that someone would cheat me like that. If she wanted to stop the tuition, she could jolly well face me and say it! but hey she owed me one and a half mth's wages!

I can understand the haraasment the mother felt in the newspaper article but I have to say that sometimes, I wouldnt hear from just one side of the story.

:( hahah , raking all this up brought out my anger too hahah, forgive already but still can't forget! :P

nvm, i'll forget it jus as quickly after a gd night's sleep :)