Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paolo Coelho's The Winner Stands Alone

it's actually a very good book to read and compels me to read on with it's fascinating world of assassinations to win one's love back, glamorous lives of the Super-class, the hopes and sacrifices of struggling actresses in Hollywood, the unbelievable honesty and integrity of a rags to riches haute couture fashion designer, the boredom and superficiality of the ppl who have reached the very top of the pyramid and who live for nothing much else except to find excitement and passion in their lives...

very nicely translated from Portuguese.

i can kinda relate to it in a way, me being in one of the aforementioned industries.

quite philosophical actually, certain phrases the writer wrote. makes one think...
我们工作是为了活着, 还是活着为了工作?

难道我们工作到死为止, 都只是为了生存?


I have yet to finish the book, am only halfway through but I am happy that I picked this up at the bookstore. I love how the writer makes the reader think about life and certain related issues, though I am very sure, that some characters are actually an allusion to certain ppl in real life... For example the man who 'destroys worlds' in the name of love. I think that the writer is expressing some thoughts about terrorism thru this character, though he says nothing to condemn or condone...