Tuesday, April 29, 2008




原来,她是指那晚我和铭顺拍的戏啦!!! *phew!!*

Friday, April 25, 2008

鼻涕淋淋 拍吻戏

天啊! 那不是一个很美的画面吧?! 哈哈。。

其实我想说的是, 前晚拍《球》的一场激情戏的时候, 因为感冒所以拍这场戏时, 鼻涕不由自主的往下流。。。 害得我担心接吻戏的动作之外, 还得频频向助导拿tissue... 天啊,那晚也很担心会把感冒传染给其他的工作人员, 或是得被我‘吻’的那位男同事。。。
so paisei okayyyy!!!!!

actually it's very embarrassing to film this kinda scenes and it always gives me a lot of stress... It's hard to kiss someone u dun really know, some more, u have to discard all inhibitions and take the initiative, as specified by the script...

the funnie thing was, one of the magazines brought along as prop for the room, has the gf of my fellow actor on its cover. When he saw that, he mockingly did a double-take and squirmed, "uh oh 惨了,惨了!“ which made all of us laugh...

that wasnt the only funnie thing cos coincidentally, that night, it was disclosed in the chinese tabloids that he had proposed to his famed gf and gotten the nod!! *congratulations man!!*

Hehe... now, can you guess who my fellow actor is? :D

Thursday, April 17, 2008


昨天拍了一场一部关于排球的戏,让我回想起若干年前, 我为什么回在中学时期参加排球活动, 并且进入了校队。。。

其实,知道公司又开拍一部关于排球的戏, 心里是蛮期待的。因为当年的第一部〈-排球?-巅峰〉 (请原谅我,我忘了它的剧名)而改变了我的人生。。。 =)


〈球〉の主要演员有, jesseca, joanne, jade, dawn 还有铭顺, 是一部女人の戏。 仔细想想,所有女演员都是高头大马的。 哈哈, 更让人兴奋的应该是众女演员穿着 bikini 在沙滩 frolicking 的那几场戏吧!! 嘿嘿, those gals really put in effort to slim and tone up okay! And i touched, their tummy area la, REALLY flat ah!! But the poor things have to keep watching their diet these 3 mths, and i saw with my own eyes how Jesseca doesnt eat much hi-carbo foods and avoids oily stuff too.. Poor babes..

Aaaah, the price of looking good!! =P

Anyways, that scene i filmed the other day was with Jesseca and Christopher and it brought memories of the previous show we 3 did together the last time, 〈蓝色仙人掌〉。

So fast, been a couple of years in the blink of an eye :)

Wonder when we can act together again in the same drama like this?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's breakfast!

Had an urge to mix some foods up and create a healthy yet delicious meal for myself when i woke up today... So i made fruity oatmeal drizzled with honey !

it was simple and easy to make :)
and the colours surely brightened up my day!

Passionfruit and Orange Oatmeal

Monday, April 14, 2008

2007 Christmas Dress Up

It was a themed party at a friend's and this is the 1st time i attended such a party!
I was so excited and went to buy a pinafore cos it was kinda like my fantasy to wear one since i was from a co-ed school all the way...
School gal outfit, i like it!! :)

Style Wedding Bash 2008 April

Just last Sunday, I was privileged to go be one of the 4 celebrities models for Style's wedding bash... Though it was one of the 4 or 5 times i donned on a wedding dress, it was still very memorable because of the few seconds of romantic, glamourous bride you get to be on the catwalk stage...

Imagine, swishing the long trails of the wedding gown's train, beaming with happiness as if you are the bride... LOVELY!!! :)

Below are some pics of the show, backstage :)

So who's the REAL bride???!! ;p hahaha