Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good news! =)

My best friend who got married jus a month ago is pregnant!! Hurray! Congrats gal!

I was so happy to hear the good news...

There are many ppl who try to have kids but are unable to but God has blessed you with one this soon!

Wah, in 8 mths time I'll be the godma of this kid!!

Mmm, wonder if it'll be a boy or girl??? =D


jestellynn-4evah.dedicated.2.eelyn said...

Hey! since u have de chance to b a godmum...then its awesomely great coz u will be more 经验 in handling babies...when u've got ur own haha..:):) Best wishes for ur bestie:)

Marcus XA said...

ya man. it's not easy to get pregnant and i'm saddened by women who goes for abortion. abortion should never be accepted.

Last but not least, congrats to your friend!