Saturday, October 13, 2007

郑重澄清, Making a Clarification

相信大家在几天前的《晚报》 读过了吧。

那头条写着 “郭蕙雯要离开演艺圈”, 而且报道还占有1/4篇大呢!

我要在这里 谢谢大家的关心!

很多朋友们都因看到了这报道标题而议论纷纷,但是如果你详细的看看内容, 你就会察觉那个标题少了个问号!

我想要再这里郑重的向大家澄清: 我没有离开演艺圈,更没离开 新传媒!

根据这则娱乐新闻, 我知识有过这个念头, 但还在仔细考虑关于签合约的问题

所以请大家别担心!! =)

I believe many of you have read the wanbao article on me a few days ago.

The heading stated "Eelyn is leaving the entertainment industry" and the article took up 1/4 of a page!

Many of you have read the heading and thought it for real, but if you take a closer read at the article, you'd soon realise that a question mark should have been added to the heading.

I'd like to thank all of you for your concern.

And I'd like to use this space on my blog here to clarify:
I'm not leaving the entertainment line, nor am I leaving Mediacorp.

As stated in the article, the thought of leaving did come across my mind, I'm still making careful consideration pertaining to the contract

So please do not get upset or worry okies?

Cheers & Luv,

Eelyn =)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Alan and Priscelia's Wedding 6th Oct 2007

During the press conference for 女婿当家 and 男人当家 3 days before their wedding,posing for a pic... So sweet right!

Seated in a table during the buffet dinner, the ShouZu cast.... Mmm, how come someone's face is SO red huh?? =p

The entourage of photographers following the golden couple everywhere they go!

Yam Seng!!!!! The hand with the camera belongs to Patricia Mok :)

Pat asked the couple to stand still for a while so we, the audience can take their photo for once and het to see the couple who are otherwise, blocked by the photographers most of the night!!!! Bravo Pat!!!

Encore Kissing for the cam, jus for our cams!!!!!

Yam Seng time!!!!!

Everyone brimming with smiles and feeling happy for the 天生一对的金童玉女!!

Thaning everyone for their turnup and best wishes. Thanking their parents and family who gave them the full 'go ahead' and each other for the wonderful life they are gonna embark on as one... =) so sweet!

All the 美女s!!

开心的一晚, 难得大家可以聚一聚。。。




美女+爱华 (美女艺人管理)

Alan: Eh, how come my glass is FULL of wine? Theirs only half full?!

来来来, sabo time!!




Elvin, Come!! Drink more!! CHEERS!!

Elvin: Wah, cannot tahan already...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cupcakes and Brownies -- Pics

Tis is our master chef for the day! Joyce used to work in a cooking school so she got to learn how to cook, for free!! Of cos I started bombing her with a lot of questions on cooking!!

Gonna be our lunch! Baked chicken with juice of lemon, ginger, rosemary, some oil...

the veggies we were gonna bake with the chicken after wards...

Our 2 musclemen at work, stirring up the chocolate ganache for the brownies... If not for them, we gals won't have the strength to stir on n on n on n o n!!!!

Putting the veggies into the oven with the half-baked chicken!! Smells heavenly already!!!

Ze brownie! haven baked yet of cos!

our other 'helper'. Dog of the owner of the house, Sarah. So cute =) Loves dogggie chocolates.

putting sugar into another chocolate ganache to make the cupcakes!

Glorious looking eggs! Looks so lovely right the colour!

Homemade whipped potato!!!!!

Chix are ready!!!!!! Yummy!!! Can't wait already!!!


Sarah looks like a stuffed toy here!

The cupcakes are ready! But, we still have to make the icing on top!!!

Here's sweet little Kate with her mum... Kate has eyes so alluring and she's also a little bit shy so when it's all put together, one jus can't help but get captivated by the little darling :) She'll look at you with curiosity, shyness and wonder all mixed together!

Mummy telling Kate that Sarah's okay, she wont bite... But Kate is still wary and dares not go too near the doggie.

I love this picture, Mummy showing baby the wonderful world outside... So sweet =)

See what I mean? Her eyes are so round and big! =D

Finally managed to take a good clear pic of Sarah's face-- she jus cant keep still so I had a lot of pics of her with the head blurred...

We had to dangle her fave titbit in front of her to get her still for a moment, so she isnt really looking into the camera but at the chocolate above haha....

The brownie with ice cream! The brownie came out a bit tough but really sweet and chewy!

Kate enjoying her dessert =D

Our cupcakes with caramel icing!!!! Sweeeeeet!!!!! Took some home to eat!