Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Buddy Press Conference

Pornsak was host for the press conference! Pity Carole Lin had gone back to France already :(

Taken with the representative from Daikin who sponsored the drama series...
[taken with my NEW Fiery RED Canon Ixus100IS (; ]

Friday, June 26, 2009

Philosphy from Ice Cream...

The other day I was just strolling along in town, enjoying the rare cool crisp air after a night of heavy rain. It was after a press conference for the Chinese Drama "My Buddy" and I was wearing this black half sleeved jacket with a horizontally striped grey-green off-shoulder top and black skinny jeans. Surprisingly I didn't feel that hot despite the layers I donned.

So I went for ice-cream and decided it would be nice to stroll along Orchard road, people watching as I eat it. I chose 2 flavours-- a green apple one and an orange/passionfruit flavour. Strangely, I had my attention focused on my cuppa ices so much that I forgot all about people watching...

Both flavours were mildly sourish and sweet and what went thru my mind as the ices melted on my tongue is that pehaps life is like a tub of ices with these flavours.

Maybe we're all meant to taste that bitterness and hard part of life before the sweet fruitful part comes?

I dunno if that is true but it does seem to be like that for me so far...

For some people nothing in life comes that easy and they might have to give 100% or maybe even more that that, jus to reach the sweet final spot... And even then, who knows what other roads are behind that spot?

That final spot, may not be final, after all...

Friday, June 19, 2009


i think we look like each other :P hehe