Sunday, December 28, 2008

Little Nonya Compass Point Roadshow!

whether you came to 'beo' the poor thing Yuzhu, or to see if Charlie Zhang & Huang Zhenzhu are really that evil, or to see if poor Yueniang & Chen Xi will be together, we'd like to thank you all for your support for the show... the turnout was AMAZING!

When we left and arrived, all 4 floors of the mall were occupied, even the escalators were turned off because people were standing on them to see the Little Nonya roadshow. It was overwhelming; I mean, I knew the ratings for the show is very high but I didnt expect that it would draw soooo many people to the roadshow!! :)

took this pic when i was standing on stage... but it's not enough to see the full force of the event! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yummy Peranakan FOOD!!

after watching Little Nonya, do you get tempted by the array of peranakan dishes on the table when we had tok panjang (long table feast)? I'm sure the Peranakan restaurants all over the island are experiencing a new flurry of activity in their businesses these days! Hehe...

you know what, once you get started on it, YOU NEVER STOP WANTING TO HAVE IT!!

that's what happened to me!

in the show playing Huang Zhenzhu, I had absolutely no interest in cooking or following whatever Peranakan traditions. However, in real, as Eelyn Kok, I couldn't wait to try making those lovely cuisine myself!!

at 1st I dabbled with the spices myself after filming the scene where i was pounding them furiously. I pounded the spices by hand and after half a day of doing that, besides getting a well toned right arm and my hands dyeda beautiful yellow due to the tumeric, I managed to whip out a decent Chicken Buah Keluak. And man, the taste was jus awesome!

Next I went on to try the Ayam Lemak (chicken curry), Babi Ponteh (pork) and also assam chicken.

I have cravings for Peranakan food every week ever since!! I have also tried a few great Peranakan restaurants... (those interested to try can leave your email, and I'll mail u some reccomendations)

I think the Peranakan women in those days were culinary geniuses in putting different spices together and getting such a savoury, delicate taste to their food!

*will post pics of the food i cooked soon! ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zhenzhu in Little Nonya

was finally able to watch this show 2 nights ago, after the busy peak of filming for Dreams Come True came to a slowdown...

frankly, my curiosity was piqued when colleagues arond me started saying how evil i was i the show, and said i slapped Yueniang so many times... Seriously, i cant remember how many times i slapped her!!! That's why I decided to go recap by watching the show! =P

then again, I must admit that initially I was upset when most ppl seemed to concentrate on saying how evil Zhenzhu is; seemed to me that the little touches I added into the role was disregarded and I do feel a lil disappointed...

still, I am thankful, and proud that I did this role. In fact, I think I put in a lot of effort and it came out well. :)