Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lost My Phone =(

last sat night in a club, at the farewell party of a fren who's going to Europe for 2 yrs on a 'Sabbath' of sorts.

Man, maybe it's the divine warning for me not to step into a club-- I havent set foot in one for a long long time, and the very 1stnight I did, I lost my lovely Samsung phone!

This is the one I lost. Though it was a gift last Christmas from a friend but I grew to love it's slimness-- like, being able to slip it into the back pocket of my jeans without any distortion to the view of my rear =p Haha.

Surprisingly I wasn't too sad at the loss, cos deep down, I knew that it was a blessing from God and I am only a steward taking charge of it. Probably God has decided to put it in someone else's charge. :)

An acquiantance was surprised to see me so cheerful despite the loss and I explained that it's jus a material possession that we can't bring along with us when we pass on anyway...

I thank God for the peace He put in my heart =)
and for the phone that has served me well =)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cast get-together after 《手足》 roadshow

哇哇娃,两个人在打光板底下避雨!搞暧昧啊~?!Eh, 小雨点而已leh, 需要这样吗?!=P

号外、号外!!让我充当狗仔队,为大家偷拍--芷绚和俊雄戏假情真,拍拖到户外?!{哈哈,假的啦!两人一听说我要充当狗仔队,便很合作的摆‘噗嘶’i.e. pose 起来啦!!}

你们看, 俊雄戏里戏外都很有艳福hor--左拥右抱的。。。
其实,水灵、英俊 和 玉生在戏外相处的还不错哦!

戏里是情敌,但戏外绝对是好朋友! ;)


Having half a day off filming so that we could attend the Kinship Roadshow in Bugis Junction, we were all so relaxed that all agreed to go for high-tea and a japanese dinner thereafter. The other artistes slipped away so fast after the roadshow before we even had a chance to ask them out...

As soon as we sat down in the ice-cream palour, ALL of us started whipping our our mobile phones to take picture with each other and bluetoothing pictures to everyone around!! Haha...

It looks as though we are really one big happy family, doesn't it!

这些照片,只有这个网站才有哦!! 呵呵,希望你们like it!! =)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Shuiling Isn't Eelyn

Quite disappointed recently when some viewers posted some nasty comments on the mediacorp Shouzu forum on the character Lynn (Shuiling), who for the sake of a better life, gave up her real love to be with an older man who can, in her own eyes, protect her, take care of her and her needs better...

Yes she is to an extent rather materialistic, I must admit.

However I feel that certain viewers have linked this role's personality to mine and that saddens me a lot.

I mean, they do not even know me but they judge me by the role I am playing, and frankly, presently they hate the character so much, these viewers fail to stop and think for a moment if Eelyn's acting is convincing enough.

It's really disappointing to know that my efforts put in for the last 4 months of the Shouzu shoot have not been recognized...

However, I'm very thankful for the small bunch of audience who called Wanbao's Hotline to put in their comments on my acting. At least I know that my hard works have not gone unnoticed by some... {Praise God}

It's truly like what ppl say ba, you can't please all...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cast Meeting for 《手足II》

Yesterday, there was a cast meeting for all involved in《手足II》.

Was good to see the directors, APs, and fellow actors after 3 weeks of break! Strange but am starting to them all!! Okie, maybe it was because those days of hectic filming forced us to bond with the others and you do grow closer having spent almost 4 mths (120 days) together.

There was a huge pile of freshly printed scripts, all warm and smooth to the touch waiting to be taken and brought home... Fwah~! Dunno whether to be excited or wad, but my head kept thinking of the chunks of lines I had in season 1 and I shuddered involuntarily... Haha ;p

This time round, there's not gonna be much change in most of our looks since the time lapse between season 1 and 2 will only be a few months. However there's gonna be a lot of surprises in the plot and some twists as well, which most of u will not expect! So watch out for it!! :)

Okay la, I better go start reading my script already!! =P hehe.

Monday, July 9, 2007

《手足》 の鸳鸯浴



哈哈, 这句话应该是水灵看到英俊和玉生鸳鸯浴的时候,心里在想的话吧!!

On a serious note, I was watching Jesseca and Elvin do the scene in the bathtub and it really isn't as easy as it looks onscreen! It took a couple of hours in fact!

The two main leads quite poor thing la, although the whole scene was supposed to be only a few seconds on tv, it took a long time to finish the filming due to many factors. Hopwever they were all very professional. Despite having to withstand the cold filming in an air-con studio, there's also the initially warm water our propsman kindly used to put in the tub, which gradually, as more and more NGs occurred, turned colder by the minute.

Poor Jesseca emerged cold and shivering from the tub with wrinkly skin all over, her fingers being the hardest hit, after the best outta all shots had been captured.

Next, will post 独家照 of some pictures taken during an outing after the 手足roadshow! :D

Meanwhile have a blessed wonderful week ahead!! :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

猫の女 网络日志的诞生!

Yes yes! My new blog is up and running, contents will span from day-to-day work stuff, filming progress, mediatalk as well as my thoughts on being an actress..!

Next up will be my thoughts on the drama I've just done, called 《手足》, which is currently showing on channel 8 @ 7pm on weekdays! Keep in tune~ =P