Saturday, January 23, 2010

免费抱抱!!free hugs!! :)

Dun be mistaken, I'm not trying to follow the footsteps of the famed Taiwanese host-celeb with great assets 瑶瑶, who came to our shores just last year to hold an event where anyone can hug her for free hehe...

I was walking along MyeongDong, the 'Orchard Road' of Seoul during Christmas night when I saw this group of young girls and guys holding placards, see the pic below... This, of cos sparked the curiosity of many passersby, including me. I really wanted to go up and hug one of them hahah but me shy la, so walked away, head still turning back to look at them in wonder...

I heard this 'free hugs' thing started from America, and now even the Koreans are doing it.

It really seemed fun cos there were lots of girls who walked up to hug _those guys_ that were quite cute, and I witnessed those girls shrieking with a mix of embarassment and GLEE after the hugs... In other words, SHIOK la... haha, it was quite a funny sight..

In the end I didnt want to miss out on the fun, so when I passed by the same street for the 2nd time, I aimed for a cute girl to hug hhaha, but she was too shy to show her whole face when we took this group shot...! Too bad for u! :p

Nevermind, 来,抱一个嘛!! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

神奇 Amazing

作完梦后迷迷糊糊的又醒来了,醒来了想趁睡意还在,再抱头大睡, 却又被个失眠的好友发的简讯吵起。


只好拉着还在熟睡的身躯, 在床上坐着。





有一页钩起了我兴趣:A Slap on the Hand.

作者讲述了他在美国某个专门收养街上溜达,没父母,无家可归的青少年的教会里遇到的一个少年, 如何在信了主之后,成功的以阿爸父的帮助戒烟。

他只好诚心祈求 神的帮助,他祈祷天父能帮帮他,因为他要以自己有限的能力是不可能办到的。



少年心里很清楚,那巨大的手,是他 阿爸父的。

少年深深领悟到,拍手背的这个动作,是 神深爱他的证据。



这本书叫做 The Love Language of God






那晚我也深深感受到 神非常非常的爱我。

* * * * *

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is the hotel breakfast on my 1st day in Jeju Island... you can see there's this whole stack of seaweed, heheh. That's cos I love eating seaweed!! That's why I took a lot but not enough to showcase the Sinaporean's Kiasu trait. (actually, the people in other countries can be worse, from what I observe, so Kiasu-ism may not be a specific Singaporen trait :))

The fried fish was also a nice accompaniment to the sticky, almost glutinous porridge. It was altogether a simple meal but the freshness of seafood goodness was unbeatable! FYI, Jeju people dally mostly in the seafood business and tourism also brings in a lot income for its people.

And of cos, there's the kimchi that is a staple in every meal the Koreans have.

The kimchi in every restaurant differs in taste according to how long they have aged it and the other special ingredients they may have added in the process of making it... I prefer the batches that are not aged too long though, cos those that have been put away for a long time have a certain musty taste to it.

MMmm, jus looking at this pic, I can recall vividly the taste of the brekkie that morning, sitting in the hotel cafe with a view of the sea thru the glass window...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st look at Korea trip

This is the view from my hotel in Jeju-do... This pic's taken from the lift and my room faces the sea.. The wind was huge, even at night I can hear the whooo, woooo wooo sound of the wind blowing into my window. When I arrived, the temperature was about 1˚C and below. So cold! it was made worse by the wind blowing constantly. I felt like a dumpling wearing so many layers of winter wear like long johns, wool cardigan and down jacket plus scarf and wool cap to protect the ears. I even wore 2 layers of mittens!

The waves was huge and when I looked at it, I couldnt help but think of tsunami... *shudders*