Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lost My Phone =(

last sat night in a club, at the farewell party of a fren who's going to Europe for 2 yrs on a 'Sabbath' of sorts.

Man, maybe it's the divine warning for me not to step into a club-- I havent set foot in one for a long long time, and the very 1stnight I did, I lost my lovely Samsung phone!

This is the one I lost. Though it was a gift last Christmas from a friend but I grew to love it's slimness-- like, being able to slip it into the back pocket of my jeans without any distortion to the view of my rear =p Haha.

Surprisingly I wasn't too sad at the loss, cos deep down, I knew that it was a blessing from God and I am only a steward taking charge of it. Probably God has decided to put it in someone else's charge. :)

An acquiantance was surprised to see me so cheerful despite the loss and I explained that it's jus a material possession that we can't bring along with us when we pass on anyway...

I thank God for the peace He put in my heart =)
and for the phone that has served me well =)


TaNaT DaMaN said...

Hi Lyn, Im really sorry to hear abt the loss of your phone... I lost my pencil box just 2 days ago and I feel like kicking myself. Praying for u right now... Im glad to hear that u didnt break down and cry, cos thats what I might do if I were to lose my phone
I want to ask u something... are u same age as Jess and Jeanette, or younger? I a bit confused here, altho I know your birthday is coming really soon.
And in case u didnt know, I was the fan who passed to u a hand-made birthday card at Compass Point last yr... u know, the roadshow where u and Elvin were the guest celebs. :-)


connie said...

hi eelyn!
just want to tell you that you act REALLY well (: esp. in shouzu hahaha don't be affected by negative comments cos many ppl think that you are GREAT all the best for your future endeavours (:

sheeNa said...

sheeNa here.! (: