Monday, July 9, 2007

《手足》 の鸳鸯浴



哈哈, 这句话应该是水灵看到英俊和玉生鸳鸯浴的时候,心里在想的话吧!!

On a serious note, I was watching Jesseca and Elvin do the scene in the bathtub and it really isn't as easy as it looks onscreen! It took a couple of hours in fact!

The two main leads quite poor thing la, although the whole scene was supposed to be only a few seconds on tv, it took a long time to finish the filming due to many factors. Hopwever they were all very professional. Despite having to withstand the cold filming in an air-con studio, there's also the initially warm water our propsman kindly used to put in the tub, which gradually, as more and more NGs occurred, turned colder by the minute.

Poor Jesseca emerged cold and shivering from the tub with wrinkly skin all over, her fingers being the hardest hit, after the best outta all shots had been captured.

Next, will post 独家照 of some pictures taken during an outing after the 手足roadshow! :D

Meanwhile have a blessed wonderful week ahead!! :)

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pinkyleow said...

hi!!! i'm your fans... "shui ling's baby - ying xiong" is who baby???

your baby ah??? hahaha...