Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cast get-together after 《手足》 roadshow

哇哇娃,两个人在打光板底下避雨!搞暧昧啊~?!Eh, 小雨点而已leh, 需要这样吗?!=P

号外、号外!!让我充当狗仔队,为大家偷拍--芷绚和俊雄戏假情真,拍拖到户外?!{哈哈,假的啦!两人一听说我要充当狗仔队,便很合作的摆‘噗嘶’i.e. pose 起来啦!!}

你们看, 俊雄戏里戏外都很有艳福hor--左拥右抱的。。。
其实,水灵、英俊 和 玉生在戏外相处的还不错哦!

戏里是情敌,但戏外绝对是好朋友! ;)


Having half a day off filming so that we could attend the Kinship Roadshow in Bugis Junction, we were all so relaxed that all agreed to go for high-tea and a japanese dinner thereafter. The other artistes slipped away so fast after the roadshow before we even had a chance to ask them out...

As soon as we sat down in the ice-cream palour, ALL of us started whipping our our mobile phones to take picture with each other and bluetoothing pictures to everyone around!! Haha...

It looks as though we are really one big happy family, doesn't it!

这些照片,只有这个网站才有哦!! 呵呵,希望你们like it!! =)


TaNaT DaMaN said...

Hello Eelyn, i finally found your blog... hope u dont mind linking your blog to mine. I liked your acting in Kinship :-)


ur fen si said...

wow. de pics r realli damn nise! i lyk it! btw, link mi @ . btw, i got told u rite? haha. :P nvm. mi fren 1 is . de i tink.

dorcas said...

dorcas here.
just wondering..
did u get my note?
wanted to confirm with u but din see ya at service..
so.. could u email me at to confirm?
thanks alot(:
hope to hear from u soon!
meanwhile.. takkaire<3

Sean blog said...

Nice pictures u have got man!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! =)