Wednesday, July 4, 2007

猫の女 网络日志的诞生!

Yes yes! My new blog is up and running, contents will span from day-to-day work stuff, filming progress, mediatalk as well as my thoughts on being an actress..!

Next up will be my thoughts on the drama I've just done, called 《手足》, which is currently showing on channel 8 @ 7pm on weekdays! Keep in tune~ =P


rrainboww-89 said...

saw your acting in the drama.
not bad wors and you'll also share gospel on blog.
JIAYOUS and dont forget to update ^^

September Kitty BB said...

Hello Eelyn,

Tat day i was watching "KINSHIP", u know there is this music playing whenever Chen Tian Wen saw you? I can't stop laughing whenever the music is being played. (i mean the music is so "appropriate" for the scenes of u & him). .. can't wait to watch what will happen btw the 2 of you. :)

I have also finished reading your whole blog! Felt that your english is fluent & well-written, you conveyed your messages very well.

Read that you have adopted a kitten, how is the cat now, you still keeping it? Hope it's all well taken care of. I'm a cat lover too.

Nonetheless, i'm looking forward to read more of your updates here too. Will continue catching up on "KINSHIP", cos it's really a nice drama NOT to be missed!! :)

Joey said...

Dear Eelyn,

Hi, do u still remember me? I the 1 who like u when u @ Channel U & the 1 who ask for ur nos. I think u had forget me, cos u didn't email me..

Here, is my blog, welcome u to tag me anytimes. Thx..

ur fen si said...

hihi. Found ur blog on MC King blog. dis is mi blog. go c it. btw, i link u lia0.

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

Thanks everyone for your support! !

Dear rrainboww, are you christian too? Sorry, recently been quite busy in church conferences so have not updated much! Will do so as soon as I can :)

Hi September Kitty, nice to meet you! Yes I love cats and my pet kitty is about 2 yrs old now! Will post pic of it soon!

Hey Joey, of cos I remember you! Sorry, I think I gave you the wrong email acct the other time, so I couldnt reply! Hope you are well! ;p

Hi fen si! Thanks, your site's design is quite interesting, thank you for linking!

ur fen si said...

haha. i taoist mah. taoist of cos muz support taoist stuff lah. :P i got it 4rom mi cousin de blog dere. btw, may b u shld make a tagboard so dat u n de rez can jus chat on9. no nid 2 lyk dat post comment.

Joey said...

Eelyn, Glad that u still remember me.. Haiz.. no wonder, i keep can't send u email.. I doing fine..
When u free, u go to my blog la..

Or u can email me,

Hope to see u tag @ my blog or email me soon. Ur birthday want to gave u things oso dun know how to contact u? :x

HardFate said...

hi eelyn..
sAw uR sh0w on TV it was reaLLy nice.. i christian 2.. :) h0pE +a+ u wl coNtiNue p0stiNg as I lo0k forWard 2 seeIng ur post.. gd luck for youR actIng carEEr.. ppl saId tat acting Is a VerY tougH job.. c0ntiNue w0rkinG harD!! manY ppl 0u+ derE supp0rts you :)
**[[u arE a gD ac+0r]]**
can g0 mi bl0g 2
supp0r+s u 4eva!!

somewhere in singapore said...

hi Eelyn

come across your blog thr MC blog, which church do u attend?

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

Hi Hard fate and somewhere in singapore...
thank you so much for your support!

I go to Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC)

God bless you guys (er, or gals)!!

Hee =D

jestellynn said... in the same church as eelyn and ii didnt know...lols...:)

Miss Seet said...

you look great!