Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cast Meeting for 《手足II》

Yesterday, there was a cast meeting for all involved in《手足II》.

Was good to see the directors, APs, and fellow actors after 3 weeks of break! Strange but am starting to them all!! Okie, maybe it was because those days of hectic filming forced us to bond with the others and you do grow closer having spent almost 4 mths (120 days) together.

There was a huge pile of freshly printed scripts, all warm and smooth to the touch waiting to be taken and brought home... Fwah~! Dunno whether to be excited or wad, but my head kept thinking of the chunks of lines I had in season 1 and I shuddered involuntarily... Haha ;p

This time round, there's not gonna be much change in most of our looks since the time lapse between season 1 and 2 will only be a few months. However there's gonna be a lot of surprises in the plot and some twists as well, which most of u will not expect! So watch out for it!! :)

Okay la, I better go start reading my script already!! =P hehe.

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