Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st look at Korea trip

This is the view from my hotel in Jeju-do... This pic's taken from the lift and my room faces the sea.. The wind was huge, even at night I can hear the whooo, woooo wooo sound of the wind blowing into my window. When I arrived, the temperature was about 1˚C and below. So cold! it was made worse by the wind blowing constantly. I felt like a dumpling wearing so many layers of winter wear like long johns, wool cardigan and down jacket plus scarf and wool cap to protect the ears. I even wore 2 layers of mittens!

The waves was huge and when I looked at it, I couldnt help but think of tsunami... *shudders*


Acapella Violin said...

Haha!! XD lols.. Im Glad You came back Safely~
Anyawy visit My Blog Tooo @ Thanks And Bye~~:D

Carina Tan :] said...

Hello! :]
I hope you have enjoyed ur holidays in korea.
Wow D:
Korea.. Its fun yeah ?
Anw, you go wif who to korea ?
Ohh hahas.
Hope you'll reply pls~
Take care.

junyi said...

You rawk girl! Love your shows, keep up the good work <3

ROCKSTAR; ME said...

Hello! :D
And yeah! The weather there is like super cold! ahhh, Haha! But come to think of it, i miss the weather there! Haha, dk why! Haha, when i came back to sing, i was like, why's the weather so HOT! Heh :D

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

Yeah I agree, I do miss the weather there! I didnt know that much as I am afraid of the cold, it can be truly comfortable as well when compared to the sunny heat in SG!

Yes Carina it was very fun, u might want to visit Korea next time! :)

ShirmaineOyh said...

Hahaha, yeah :) You went there for two weeks! Woah, you must have had lots of fun! :D

snowberries said...

hi eelyn, i'm planning a trip to korea end of 2010, around the same timing as yourself! Can't wait! Do post more pics of your trip ya? =)

anyway was watching last nite's episode of 《当》- the part where jinhao was out of her mind and attempted to jump down from the roof. WOW, i juz want to say you acted really really very convincing..that scene really blew me away, felt so sad for jinhao. I feel that you should work towards being a character actress, you hv the acting chops for it! 加油!

Payad said...

im planning a trip to korea too. hopefully manage to go by september. planning to take korean language class first since will go by myself.sobs.

what did you do in korea? any good place to suggest?