Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is the hotel breakfast on my 1st day in Jeju Island... you can see there's this whole stack of seaweed, heheh. That's cos I love eating seaweed!! That's why I took a lot but not enough to showcase the Sinaporean's Kiasu trait. (actually, the people in other countries can be worse, from what I observe, so Kiasu-ism may not be a specific Singaporen trait :))

The fried fish was also a nice accompaniment to the sticky, almost glutinous porridge. It was altogether a simple meal but the freshness of seafood goodness was unbeatable! FYI, Jeju people dally mostly in the seafood business and tourism also brings in a lot income for its people.

And of cos, there's the kimchi that is a staple in every meal the Koreans have.

The kimchi in every restaurant differs in taste according to how long they have aged it and the other special ingredients they may have added in the process of making it... I prefer the batches that are not aged too long though, cos those that have been put away for a long time have a certain musty taste to it.

MMmm, jus looking at this pic, I can recall vividly the taste of the brekkie that morning, sitting in the hotel cafe with a view of the sea thru the glass window...


Carina Tan :] said...

Hello :D
Hmm.. are you back frm korea alrd?
Hope you have fun thr (:

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

Yes I am back! it was great fun and I miss it already! "-"

James Lau said...
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James Lau said...

hi Eelyn , 今晚我看了 " 当我们同在一起 “ , 你那一场泼火水差一点就要自焚的戏, 发觉你的演技有进步了,还有被嫖客验身的那场戏, 你是豁出去了,我看除了当年林晓佩在 “和平的代价 “ 里裸露上半身被推下车那场戏, 你是最大胆了 ! 我看今年的红星大奖一定有你的份, 加油,加油 !

ShirmaineOyh said...

awww! the food there! Gosh, my tummy's grumbling alreadyyyy! Haha! *Delicious man!! :D whoo!