Saturday, January 23, 2010

免费抱抱!!free hugs!! :)

Dun be mistaken, I'm not trying to follow the footsteps of the famed Taiwanese host-celeb with great assets 瑶瑶, who came to our shores just last year to hold an event where anyone can hug her for free hehe...

I was walking along MyeongDong, the 'Orchard Road' of Seoul during Christmas night when I saw this group of young girls and guys holding placards, see the pic below... This, of cos sparked the curiosity of many passersby, including me. I really wanted to go up and hug one of them hahah but me shy la, so walked away, head still turning back to look at them in wonder...

I heard this 'free hugs' thing started from America, and now even the Koreans are doing it.

It really seemed fun cos there were lots of girls who walked up to hug _those guys_ that were quite cute, and I witnessed those girls shrieking with a mix of embarassment and GLEE after the hugs... In other words, SHIOK la... haha, it was quite a funny sight..

In the end I didnt want to miss out on the fun, so when I passed by the same street for the 2nd time, I aimed for a cute girl to hug hhaha, but she was too shy to show her whole face when we took this group shot...! Too bad for u! :p

Nevermind, 来,抱一个嘛!! :)


junyi said...

就抱一个! :D

CherylSng(: said...

Hi Eelyn, 你真得很美!

Carina Tan :] said...

Hahas :D
Free hugs ?
Sounds interesting..
Hmm.. i'm wondering, do we neeed to pay to hug people ?
Okay, not counting those tht are completely stranger to us.
Our family.
Do you often hug your daddy mummy siblings ?
Hahas :]
Free hugs.. if i saw wht you've mentioned on this post, i wont step forward and choose someone to hug.
Cos its like pretty awkward.
Haha. Anw, why you named ur blog URL "neko-onna" ? Thr must be something related yeah ?
Hope to know th answer ^^
Okay, if i have a chance, i would like to have a free hug frm you too !

(: said...

lolololol... funny la you. first time visiting ur blog after watching ur san cai yi tang. anyways take care n jiayou.

James Lau said...

Hug any one you even don't know ?
better think again.

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