Friday, December 11, 2009

My New Purse!

will be going Korea next tues for 2 weeks, am so excited!
Thinking that I may need a small purse to carry the Korean won and separate it from my sing dollar, I decided to embark on this sewing hobby once again, after a 6mth break from it...

So tadah!! Here it is!

x luv x luv x luv x luv! x

all hand sewn by myself!


dorcas said...

so pretty! haha. you're getting really good at it :)

anw, enjoy your trip! see you ard soon :)

Wendy Ang said...

enjoy your trip to korea..
Korea really fun..i love it!!
have a nice trip~ ^^
take care =)

sandy5078 said...

那个钱包跟你一样那么的漂亮! 祝你一路顺风的去韩国!^^

von said...

Hi testing

von said...

Hi Eelyn, happened to chance upon your blog and I have to say your acting skills are pretty fantastic =) I am always looking forward to seeing you on screen in the show 'Together'. Very cute acting I have to say. I admit not having taken much notice of you on tv in the past, but now your star power has started to shine =) Hope my honest sentiments makes your day ! Have a good 2010!

Learn Speaking English said...

Very good.

Ria said...

Hi Eelyn, I happened to notice your blog and I have to tell you that you are a great actress. Currently I'm watching "Together" and your acting skills are amazing!
I wish you good luck and take care!
From The Netherlands!

henry.5378 said...

Hey eelyn......u live in blk 19 jalan tenteram flat on #12-14x, right! (: Glad we r neighbours! We live in same flat but I live #28. We were inside the same lift when we saw u dat midnite! (: our neighbour brandice saw u thrice too abt midnite! (: