Monday, April 14, 2008

Style Wedding Bash 2008 April

Just last Sunday, I was privileged to go be one of the 4 celebrities models for Style's wedding bash... Though it was one of the 4 or 5 times i donned on a wedding dress, it was still very memorable because of the few seconds of romantic, glamourous bride you get to be on the catwalk stage...

Imagine, swishing the long trails of the wedding gown's train, beaming with happiness as if you are the bride... LOVELY!!! :)

Below are some pics of the show, backstage :)

So who's the REAL bride???!! ;p hahaha

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Live For Today.Like There's No Tomorrow. said...

the young girl is so lucky(: haha.
wow. u look great! and that other person in most of the pictures is rebecca lim right? she look abit like felicia chin leh..hahaXD