Thursday, April 17, 2008


昨天拍了一场一部关于排球的戏,让我回想起若干年前, 我为什么回在中学时期参加排球活动, 并且进入了校队。。。

其实,知道公司又开拍一部关于排球的戏, 心里是蛮期待的。因为当年的第一部〈-排球?-巅峰〉 (请原谅我,我忘了它的剧名)而改变了我的人生。。。 =)


〈球〉の主要演员有, jesseca, joanne, jade, dawn 还有铭顺, 是一部女人の戏。 仔细想想,所有女演员都是高头大马的。 哈哈, 更让人兴奋的应该是众女演员穿着 bikini 在沙滩 frolicking 的那几场戏吧!! 嘿嘿, those gals really put in effort to slim and tone up okay! And i touched, their tummy area la, REALLY flat ah!! But the poor things have to keep watching their diet these 3 mths, and i saw with my own eyes how Jesseca doesnt eat much hi-carbo foods and avoids oily stuff too.. Poor babes..

Aaaah, the price of looking good!! =P

Anyways, that scene i filmed the other day was with Jesseca and Christopher and it brought memories of the previous show we 3 did together the last time, 〈蓝色仙人掌〉。

So fast, been a couple of years in the blink of an eye :)

Wonder when we can act together again in the same drama like this?


James Lau said...

wow hope to see your new show soon. |:)

James Lau said...

hello , this week too busy ? no time update any news ? this few week always big sun shine and rain rain , you must take care of your self , hope to see your new show soon . |:)