Friday, April 25, 2008

鼻涕淋淋 拍吻戏

天啊! 那不是一个很美的画面吧?! 哈哈。。

其实我想说的是, 前晚拍《球》的一场激情戏的时候, 因为感冒所以拍这场戏时, 鼻涕不由自主的往下流。。。 害得我担心接吻戏的动作之外, 还得频频向助导拿tissue... 天啊,那晚也很担心会把感冒传染给其他的工作人员, 或是得被我‘吻’的那位男同事。。。
so paisei okayyyy!!!!!

actually it's very embarrassing to film this kinda scenes and it always gives me a lot of stress... It's hard to kiss someone u dun really know, some more, u have to discard all inhibitions and take the initiative, as specified by the script...

the funnie thing was, one of the magazines brought along as prop for the room, has the gf of my fellow actor on its cover. When he saw that, he mockingly did a double-take and squirmed, "uh oh 惨了,惨了!“ which made all of us laugh...

that wasnt the only funnie thing cos coincidentally, that night, it was disclosed in the chinese tabloids that he had proposed to his famed gf and gotten the nod!! *congratulations man!!*

Hehe... now, can you guess who my fellow actor is? :D


dorcas said...

heys :)
get well soon!
rem to drink loads of water!
& take loads of care! :D

James Lau said...

take care of your self ok, sleep well. |:)

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

thanks for your concern! i survived the 1st day of studio! Thank God :)

jestellynn said...

get well soon!
God bless you(:

TaNaT DaMaN said...

Haha so easy!! i know who the guy is... the guy who shares the same name as the veteran Brit actor who acted in "Lord Of The Rings" and the Star Wars prequel trilogy rite?? LEE MING SHUN!! ;-p

Anyway, I hope everything's well wif u... do take plenty of water and stay healthy k? ;-)

delz said...
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