Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gastronomic Forages

Wonderhow many of you liketo eat? And I mean _L_O_V_E_ to eat?

alright, I must confess I'm quite the glutton, so it's quite hard for me to resist mouthwatering cuisines placed in front of me, especially so when i have to warch my diet for filming purposes!

Now aside from eating, I love to whip up some good meals too, however it's quite a hassle if the kitchen isn't quite equipped for all the stir-frying, deep-frying, juicing, sauteing, blanching, steaming, whipping stewing, baking, and hundreds of other processes involved in producing deliciously enticing, restaurant grade dishes!

I've been doing some experiments myself at home in my free time, cooking up a storm and making some of my favorite foods...

Just the other day, I made Mummy's style fried chicken wings and some delectable passionfruit ice cream.


jestellynn^.^ said...

haha(: i love to eat until now got xiiao du nan alrdXDmy friends used to tease me that i wouldn't be able to keep thin if i continue eating like that. haha.recently my mom is into muffins so my house is flooded with the smell of chocolate, coco krunch and vanilla.i triedd to help with the stirring but the mixture flew out and i got the whole kitchen messed up.hehe.whoops.i love my parent's curry, although my dad just does the eating and realised i eat when im that explains the tummyXD haha.
anyways,next time there's a FC gathering, i bet that all of us would love to try some of ur
"experiments", okie dokie? hehe.

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