Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Huang Jinhao has started showing up

on your tv screens!

Yes, come watch how the 'relationship' (according to her anyway) between her and Lin Xiaobei plays out and will she achieve her dream of becoming a movie star?? Or will she end up scrubbing spittoons in the coffeeshop all her life??

Together, now on your tv screen every weekday night 9pm, channel 8!


Car(: said...

Hello :]
I really like th show "together".
Of course,i love those ppl who are acting tat show too~
Yeah. Its another experience for you. Hmm.. how do feel abt taking this role in "together"?
I like you acting in tat role.
But you always act as "bad person" in other shows like "手足" so i'm not so used to you suddenly acting as a "childish,cute person in "together".
Hahas :D
No matter wht role you are taking,i will always support you !
You are really pretty~ :D
Hope to see you more on my TV screen! :DD
Take care~

yt said...

Hihi. I was at the roadshow yesterday.

Your role in Together is good. I enjoy watching it. Hope you can get more good role in the future. Jia You!

hen said...

Hi eelyn,

i just want to let you know that i really enjoy your performance in"together". You managed to make the slightly materialistic Jinhao role likeable, simple-minded and cute which is not easy.My entire family really like seeing your scenes. Keep up with the good work. I think this is going to be your breakthrough role

jenny said...

dear eelyn,

the Lord is really blessing u. remember Him. through your talent, thank and remember Him, and He will prosper u. He enables u. The role in together is tough but it is clear u are coming up tops in overall performance as far as i can see. Your smile is a sincere one, one that shows forth the light that is in you. When you rise up real big in 2010, remember it is Christ O Lord who opens the door for you, sister. remember His grace to you.

James Lau said...

i think she will spend her life in the coffeeshop hahaha |:)

Mousedeer said...

Think that yr role in together is really great ...
Enjoy seeing yr parts on tv... This show really makes pp notice u more!!

And looking back on yr evil roles, it only shows that yr acting is so good that pp actually think that u are the character itself! Anyway keep it up and hope to see u appear in more dramas soon!