Friday, February 15, 2008

Things that make me Smile =D


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Anonymous said...

Famous people's blog is usually in such a way, not having too many cross reference or feeling can be shared with public.

Too good they write a blog, people may think that it isn't from the writer himself. Too poor they write a blog, people may misjudge the writer.

People prefer to live in individual, at the same time, a small degree link to others. Some people may or may not accept others' individual.

The info system today is too arbitrary, too many facts out there can not be fully recognizable or comprehensible as true or false. Don't doubt, simple is good, I think.

jestellynn said...

to david:
then the info shows that we must show trust in eelyn right?(=
or any other famous people who write in their blogs..keke~

Anonymous said...

To jestellynn:

Not to trust, but don't doubt. Cause I believe doubt didn't and wouldn't give me direction of life, doubt only bring me to more gossip and waste my time.

Don't know why many people out there have so many time to waste for that. The answer will eventually come out at the end right? If it doesn't, mean it isn't my business...

jestellynn, hope not more doubt from you, honestly, I am too lazy to answer people's doubt. I always keep asking people don't doubt, they keep asking me something I don't know...