Thursday, March 10, 2011

my nanny

Went to the wake of the nanny who took care of me when I was just a baby. When she first welcomed me into her home, I was born 2 mths premature, small, like a baby kitten with translucent skin u can see all my innards (according to her daughter who told me last night funny tales that I don't recall of the past). I dun quite remember this nanny, only vague memories of running into her kitchen and watching her cook and having a few older kids fuss over me back then. And, my reluctance to leave her place whenever my mum comes to fetch me home during weekends. My nanny wasn't a maid. She was a neighbor in the kampong whom my granny n mum observed to be very adept at handling toddlers and babies and so i was entrusted to her care for 4 yrs. Apparently she took really good care of me, nursing me to become a healthy toddler. Her sister recalled that my nanny used cotton wool to wipe my delicate skin while bathing me for fear of tearing it.


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Adron Dozat said...

As a father, I was very grateful for the ladies who watched our children when they were Toddlers. In America, we often call these ladies Child Care Workers. We were fortunate to have some lovely ladies taking care of our little ones many years ago. We were very sad when one we called Grandma Cathy died of Lupis. But we are comforted knowing she is with our Savior in heaven. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Adron,