Monday, July 5, 2010

xinmsn rates my dressing :)

see more here!


Roy said...

Hi Eelyn,

I have been watching Channel 8 programs since young and I ust say that you have developed into a very versatile and good actress. Keep up the good work and your hard work has finally paid dividends ! Great job Eelyn !

Uncle Roy

Shonal said...

Dear Eelyn,

Just wanted to leave a message here for you. From an unfamiliar face and name on TV to a familiar one to us (my two sisters and I!), see the huge effort and difference you put in your profession?! The improvement and effort you made can be seen by us, and I believe, to many viewers. Now, we remember who you are without fail. 我们能看的到你的认真与实力, 加油!

Shon =)

Jerry said...

What happened to yaaaaaaa :~

Cecilia said...

How are you ? You did not update your blog for quite a while. Really miss your bilingual articles. I suppose you are busy with your wedding preparation, hence cannot find time to write. Is there anything I can help ?

Cheryn said...

Hi Eelyn,Cheryn here.Congrats on getting married,Hope to film with u soon....

wenxin said...

Dear Eelyn,

We from love your blog and were wondering if you would like to star as a guest blogger on our site. Unfortunately we can't seem to find any of your contacts on this space. It would be awesome if you could return an email to us with your full name at so we can extend this invitation to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The CozyCot team

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