Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cafe 817

I've a friend who's flown to San Franscisco for 2 weeks for work. And my friend said that there's this quaint little cafe there that serves nice breakfast, and they even have this function on the web where you can look in on the crowd at the cafe to decide whether you wanna go there during the heavy lunch hour crowd.

I surfed their website and was really fascinated by the choices of food they serve, quite simple fare but sounds so yummy; and less fattening. Hahahah... Their lunch menu sounds really yummy--> cafe817

Then again, I suppose I can whip up something similar myself using stuffs from the supermarket~!

MMmmmmn, the WONDERS of GLOBALIZATION and World Trade!!! :)


Uncle Aladdin said...


i've been catching your shows recently and i find 'my buddy' really hilarious. oh, did i mention you look really hot too :)

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

time to update liao lor!! :)