Wednesday, July 8, 2009

French Beans and Snow Peas Salad

Had a gathering at a friend's place last night and I made a nice green salad for the girls.

I love the sweetness of the snow peas and the crunchiness of the french beans...

Ta-dah! Nice?? hehe...

Blur me forgot to bring the bottle of perfect sauce to compliment the salad, so bought a can of Tuna instead. Tastes jus as good!

Quite easy to make actually...

Jus boil the beans and peas in a pot of water for 5 mins, drain the water, cool in cold water for a min, drain water again and pour whatever yummy sauce you like over... The veg is just scrumptious!!!


James Lau said...

Hi , may be if you add some prawn will be even more better.

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