Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Strawberry Ice-cream!

兴高采列地想从一本recipe book做一份美味可口的 strawberry ice cream, 却手忙脚乱到忘记 follow 里面 写 的一个很 important 的 step! So my ice cream turned out to have frozen butter bits.

但是卖相还不错吧? hehe... 味道也蛮爽囗的哦!

Not a huge success this time round but will surely improve on it during my next attempt! :)

Anyways having a love for cooking doesn't mean I'll cook every time, or everyday because I'll be super busy with an upcoming project featuring Zheng Geping, Aileen Tan, Carole Lin, Ng Hui & Christopher Lee, starting this weekend... I'll try to update as much as I can, ya!

so, 视目以待吧! =D


James Lau said...

new show coming ? can tell us more story about the new show please?
will you be "Bad Woman" again ?
hope they can give you to act good woman this time (so sorry for my poor english)

dorcas♥ said...

the ice cream looks really good :)
great that u've got another show coming along :)
hopefully i get to catch it when i'm back :P

razzle frickin' dazzle said...

"视目以待" reminds me of the dream catchers! coz the theme song is 拭目以待 (: raaahh i miss the show...

FloReNce Teh said...

Hi Eelyn,

Can you please share some of your ice-cream recipe with us? >_<

God bless and hope to hear from u soon.

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

hey gals, please let me go search for that recipe again k then i'
ll write it down for u in my new post :)

FloReNce Teh said...

Hey Eelyn,

Thanks for your quick response. I will be waiting for your new post soon. >_<

LusciousScarlet Atelier said...


may i know what software application did you use for to write and scribble on your photos before you upload it? it's very nice and creative.

keep up the excellent acting and await to hear from you. **Hugs**

FloReNce Teh said...

Hi Eelyn,

Still busy with your upcoming assignment. =) Went for one of the homemade ice-cream workshop two weeks ago,made some chendol ice-cream at home. But my ice cream turn out to be too sweet. (>_<)

Next time round, I'm going to try durian and more fruits.

If you like I can share the recipes with you.

Take care & God bless said...

wao! nice i also want to eat a mouth said...
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James Lau said...

Hi Eelyn , are you ok ? just worry about you , look like you so busy , no time to update you blog.

CC said...

Hello Eelyn 'jie'

The icecream looks so yummy!
I'm gonna make Green Tea Icecream soon! So i also hope i have a good results!

Looking forward for your next post!
If you gonna post ur recipe