Thursday, February 19, 2009


今天心血来潮自己动 手做了ice-cream@ home. 真爽!!
hmm, actually, making it wasn't that hard or fantastic, but eating it sure was shiok! Ha ha...

I had a very fantastic gift recently , it's a ice-cream maker that helps freeze the custard you make into semi solid ice-cream you can lick into!! =)

I bought lots of fruits today but finally decided to make rich creamy avocado ice-cream. It tasted fantastic as a custard but I didn't know how it'd be as an iced dessert.

Below, you can see the glorious rich creamy green colour of the avocado. Doesn't it just look yummy? While churning, I couldn't resist sticking my finger into the cold avocado cream & licking whatever's stuck on it when I take it out. I'll try something with alcohol the next time I make ice-cream, do come back & see what I've made!! =P


James Lau said...

wow , it look nice ! how about the teast ? is it good ?

Ǝ said...

eww avocado!?!?! thought it was macha... haha

Gina said...

mmm it looks very nice, i think it'd taste very nice as well! wahhh, very good for the heatiness these few days!

dorcas♥ said...

cool! :)
i'm sure you'll have more yummylicious flavours mixed up soon :)

James Lau said...

any more new ice-cream ? can we try it ? |:)