Saturday, October 13, 2007

郑重澄清, Making a Clarification

相信大家在几天前的《晚报》 读过了吧。

那头条写着 “郭蕙雯要离开演艺圈”, 而且报道还占有1/4篇大呢!

我要在这里 谢谢大家的关心!

很多朋友们都因看到了这报道标题而议论纷纷,但是如果你详细的看看内容, 你就会察觉那个标题少了个问号!

我想要再这里郑重的向大家澄清: 我没有离开演艺圈,更没离开 新传媒!

根据这则娱乐新闻, 我知识有过这个念头, 但还在仔细考虑关于签合约的问题

所以请大家别担心!! =)

I believe many of you have read the wanbao article on me a few days ago.

The heading stated "Eelyn is leaving the entertainment industry" and the article took up 1/4 of a page!

Many of you have read the heading and thought it for real, but if you take a closer read at the article, you'd soon realise that a question mark should have been added to the heading.

I'd like to thank all of you for your concern.

And I'd like to use this space on my blog here to clarify:
I'm not leaving the entertainment line, nor am I leaving Mediacorp.

As stated in the article, the thought of leaving did come across my mind, I'm still making careful consideration pertaining to the contract

So please do not get upset or worry okies?

Cheers & Luv,

Eelyn =)


Marcus XA said...

Hi Huiwen, i never read zaobao and never trust their news! hehe... it's a gossip newspaper, hope you don't their news to heart too much. May God always guide you on your life's path...

Canis lupus said...

wah lau...please don't leave...we like yr acting alot man!!!

zhuu said...

Hello eelyn, happened to chance upon yr blog a few days ago and I'm very encouraged to find out that you're a Christian too!(: Guess it isn't easy in the industry right? So press on in yr faith, and continue seeking and trusting in the Lord!(: Take care and hope to talk to you someday!


Avian Skye Sistax said...

pls dont leave ur fans! prove how much euu mean to us..this video is dedicated 2 euu..

Avian Skye Sistax said...

pls dont leave ur fans! prove how much euu mean to us..this video is dedicated 2 euu..

Avian Skye Sistax said...

btw..avian skye sistax is me, jestellynn:))

Anonymous said...

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