Friday, October 12, 2007

Alan and Priscelia's Wedding 6th Oct 2007

During the press conference for 女婿当家 and 男人当家 3 days before their wedding,posing for a pic... So sweet right!

Seated in a table during the buffet dinner, the ShouZu cast.... Mmm, how come someone's face is SO red huh?? =p

The entourage of photographers following the golden couple everywhere they go!

Yam Seng!!!!! The hand with the camera belongs to Patricia Mok :)

Pat asked the couple to stand still for a while so we, the audience can take their photo for once and het to see the couple who are otherwise, blocked by the photographers most of the night!!!! Bravo Pat!!!

Encore Kissing for the cam, jus for our cams!!!!!

Yam Seng time!!!!!

Everyone brimming with smiles and feeling happy for the 天生一对的金童玉女!!

Thaning everyone for their turnup and best wishes. Thanking their parents and family who gave them the full 'go ahead' and each other for the wonderful life they are gonna embark on as one... =) so sweet!

All the 美女s!!

开心的一晚, 难得大家可以聚一聚。。。




美女+爱华 (美女艺人管理)

Alan: Eh, how come my glass is FULL of wine? Theirs only half full?!

来来来, sabo time!!




Elvin, Come!! Drink more!! CHEERS!!

Elvin: Wah, cannot tahan already...


6Creative said...

Hey Eelyn! Thanks for posting the "inside story" of Priscelia and Alan's wedding:) Great to know that everyone enjoyed themselves:)!!! Congrats to them yeah! lol..:D

Marcus XA said...

how come i can't view the photos??? something wrong with my pc or the blog's going bonkers??

lin said...

i can's view the photos too! =(

smile_nini said...

so sweet..
wish them too..

all de best~

Anonymous said...

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life is hopeless said...

The photo can't be view

life is hopeless said...

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