Friday, March 19, 2010


everytime after a whole day's work, I'd come home tired, wishing there'd be home-cooked food in the fridge waiting to be warmed up, or even a bowl of tonic soup...

maybe you guys and girls are privileged enough to have that right now, do cherish it...

it may be only a bowl of soup or even dinner specially set aside but it represents your mum's/dad's love and concern for you.

难得有空。今天就自己煮汤喝, 补补身子。。。 好喝 :)


Grace said...

Yes, I miss home-cook food alot as well!

Carina Tan :] said...

Haha, nice.
And yeah, congratualations ! :D
For the star awards thing ?
Okay, hope you'll win an award.

ShirmaineOyh said...

Hahaha, iam one blessed girl :) I love my grandma's cooking! :DDD Hah, well, congrats on gettin' nominated as best actress! :DDD PTL! :)
God bless :))

sharexchange said...

i got this "hey who is this girl?whats her name ?" whenever i see u on tv...arh..finally i know yr name..i like u than the rest..