Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yummy Peranakan FOOD!!

after watching Little Nonya, do you get tempted by the array of peranakan dishes on the table when we had tok panjang (long table feast)? I'm sure the Peranakan restaurants all over the island are experiencing a new flurry of activity in their businesses these days! Hehe...

you know what, once you get started on it, YOU NEVER STOP WANTING TO HAVE IT!!

that's what happened to me!

in the show playing Huang Zhenzhu, I had absolutely no interest in cooking or following whatever Peranakan traditions. However, in real, as Eelyn Kok, I couldn't wait to try making those lovely cuisine myself!!

at 1st I dabbled with the spices myself after filming the scene where i was pounding them furiously. I pounded the spices by hand and after half a day of doing that, besides getting a well toned right arm and my hands dyeda beautiful yellow due to the tumeric, I managed to whip out a decent Chicken Buah Keluak. And man, the taste was jus awesome!

Next I went on to try the Ayam Lemak (chicken curry), Babi Ponteh (pork) and also assam chicken.

I have cravings for Peranakan food every week ever since!! I have also tried a few great Peranakan restaurants... (those interested to try can leave your email, and I'll mail u some reccomendations)

I think the Peranakan women in those days were culinary geniuses in putting different spices together and getting such a savoury, delicate taste to their food!

*will post pics of the food i cooked soon! ;)


LonelyPlanet said...

After watching the little nyonya, i will stop by bengawan solo to buy some kueh which usually i dun.. Do drop me email at

for the best peranakan food in town...

dorcas said...

sounds like great fun cooking up the dishes ;)

look forward to seeing your "final products" :D

Li Li said...

Hi Eelyn,

Have you tried Ivins Restaurant at Binjai Park? I think there's one at Thomson Rd too. They serve great peranakan food, like ayam buah keluak, babi ponteh, sotong hitam, sambal udang, assam fish head & many more! The Bakwan Soup is superb! Dip the Bakwan with the sambal belachan, it's simply delicious!

Do share with me your recommendations at Thanks thanks!

& by the way, your acting in Little Nonya is great! :)

=.= said...

Yes yes, i would like to try out some peranakan food with my friends. Do email me at
Thank you for your recommendations

MatchStick said...

Peranakan Resturant recommendations?? can I have them?? The only one I know is Rice Table... not sure if that can be considered Peranakan. Pls email me at Thanks in advance.

ly said...

Interested to get recommendations for Peranakan restaurants. Pls email me at I had cravings for Peranakan food after watching Little Nonya and visited this Peranakan restaurant at Novena Villa. Forgot the name of the restaurant though. Anyway your acting (and the rest of the actresses and actors) are good in Little Nonya. Great production and I look forward to watching the show every weekday night.

Mntbeauty said...

i want the recommendation huiwen jie haha

leave me the recommendation okie

i luv curry lo

I just want to live a peaceful & simple life... said...

hey! I'm interested to try out. Pls do drop me a recommendation at

Thanks alot!


wY said...

I only know of the ones at Thomson. E-mail me your list at

g said...

Hi, i love the nyonya kuehs too! Btw, i found the part when you snatched ingredients when cooking in little nyonya cute and funny! I love the continuous "kiasu" facial expression when you are doing the test.. haha! rock on eelyn! btw what jc were you from? :)

Ong said...

i wanna try peranakan food! my email is! little nyonya drama really makes me wanna try!

R said...

Hi Eelyn!
I wanna try the peranakan food! feel so tempted to try aft watching little nyonya. I think most restaurants are full-house alr? Hahahaha anw,

thx!!!!!! :)

Jia Yi said...

Hi Eelyn!
I would also like to try some Peranakan dishes! They looked delicious to me in the show!!
Do mail me some recommendations at, okay? Thanks!! =)

MEL-ife said...

can i huf some of the recommendations? my email is thx..

ilovedanny said...

haha just the names of the Peranakan dishes in your posts set me drooling!
hahaha so i would really wish to try those mouth-watering dishes.
drop me an email at

>*Jun*< said...

Hi! The little Nyonya definitely sparks off my curiousity in the peranakan culture. There's a restuarant in Vivo called "Nyonya and Baba".. But I've not tried it before. Anyway, good performance in the show, you portrayed the evil character well. =)

and lastly, my email address is

Thanks a lot! =)

Anonymous said...

hey, can you email me at

Anonymous said...

Hey Eelyn, This comment might be kind of late, but I'd love to try some Peranakan food in town. Please email me some of your recommendations. Thanks!
You were awesome in the Little Nonya by the way.