Friday, November 28, 2008

45th aniversary celebrations! Glam, Glam, Glam!! :)

pictures taken then...

we were all so busy with preparations there was hardly time to take pictures but we sneaked some time in between waiting to do so...

more to come...

Brother & Sisters!

Me & Dawn

Me & 4 handsome guys--lucky me! =P

Weisong Laoshi & moi

Zzen & me

Ben & me

with Nat

and Belinda


dorcas said...

thanks for sharing the photos :)
you looked really good that night! ;D

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

happy rainy day! :P

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

Thank you Dorcas, maybe I have a very good camera? *wink*