Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fiesta @ Sentosa!

夏日炎炎,sentosa island 就在那个时候掀起了一波又一波的热浪!

Ben trying to act cool! But I must say, he looks damn good in this new hairstyle, and in this pair of 'kids'' shades lor!

Taking pic with my new coming drama's sister and father... Why did I have this funni look? Cos Geping da-ge threw a ball over while we were taking a pic & I didnt see! So the volleyball *boink*, kenna my head lor! =p Then we all got into a laughing fit, as if someone had touched our laughing 穴道。。。

Okay~ then we retake the pic. See, see!! Look at Darren stifling his laughter till he's all tomato red in the face!! =D and see my sheepish look. My sis is pretty professional though, in the pic, still maintaining a wonderful smile whilst me and Dareen cld hardly keep our composure! :p

The usual bad women in the drama serials-- Ng Hui, May Phua and Moi. Honestly, tell me, do we really look like bad ppl, 坏女人?! To let me know your views, please leave a comment~! Thx!

the 3 stereotyped actresses + the newly minted bad gal in 球爱大战 (Beach。Balls。Babes。)

Aniwaes we were all told to be in beachwear for this event, so we all thot damn long and hard about what beachwear really is. hmmm, wait a min! if i remember correctly, most beachgoers i saw wereeither topless or in bikinis! so, does it mean we had to be the same?

Ah, but dear readers, artistes are artists with an 'e' behind, meaning 'e'xtraordinarily artistic! So we turned up in our individual ideas of what beachwear means to us!

tell me leh, what would your beachwear be like? =)


{[JUŜTĦĚLYNN]} said...

yay! first to comment:D
i didnt attend this event;how sad;(
thanks for sharing ur pictures!! idea of a pefect swimwear would be divers' clothing.mwahahaha.jkjk. i dont know leh. cause i dont go to the beach nor swim oftenXD were great in xhddk though you didnt appear muchD:

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

Hi Julia, glad u appreciate the xhddk performance...
um u want to learn to dive is it, otherwise why a diver's suit? :)U shd go learn diving when u have a chance!
anyway i think diving's fun but i am scared of deep waters! =p

{[JUŜTĦĚLYNN]} said... was just a casual comment..i never thought about learning to dive.hehe.though i should give it a try sometime.i cant even swim wellXD i guess i should learn how to swim first before going any further into other water activities.haha:D hmm..i was wundering..will you be free to attend a fc gathering for your birthday if there was one? i want to meet you in person:))


Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

Sure I wouldnt mind... jus let me thru this comment function or on my facebk mail :)

dorcas said...

nah, you dont look like a baddie, neither are you one :)
anw, take care! :D

Eelyn, 郭蕙雯 said...

aw... thank you Dorcas, thats sweet! :)

arvinz said...

yo hi, if u remember kino guy here...=)

If u watched the hk series Tang Xin Feng Bao, u will realise the bad guys are the most notice-able in most shows. I think theres alot potential and room to act as one so..its nth bad hehe.. the Ah Qin also very popular in Hk after the show. Not every 1 can act "bad" 1 u know.. haha..u're lucky to be chosen for it the best for ur career !

This is my real name "arvin" =)

James Lau said...

Hello eelyn , this photo is before tour or after , you look slim down alots and tired ,please take care of your self ok ?

Anonymous said...

Well, I live in Hawaii, so everyone here just wears a bikini to the beach. Guys just wear boardshorts.
I don't think you guys look like baddies. Of course, when you're onscreen, you guys do a very convincing job, but you have all played good girls before, and you did an awesome job with that too. It's good though, it shows your artistic flexibility! :)

Li Ms Yan said...

你多接演好角色吧!一定会有更多人爱上你.我是从你演的李如意这个角色,开始迷上SWEET SWEET的你...